The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a small, discreet, no apologies camera.  It’s size allows me to pack a lighter bag for work and travel, and during portrait sessions my clients are more at ease because the placement of the viewfinder allows me to maintain eye contact with them throughout the shoot.  Portrait photography is about people after all, and I can always build a stronger rapport with my subjects when my face isn’t hidden behind a large camera.

When I am out for a day of street photography the size of the camera also helps me remain unobtrusive, allowing me to photograph beautiful candid moments without disturbing the scene in front of me.  I experience the same thing when photographing weddings, where my goal is to be unseen so I can photograph humour, touch and emotion without people recognizing me as “the photographer”.

Ergonomically the camera is a pleasure to use.  I have immediate access to all aspects of the exposure triangle simply by looking down at the top of my camera.  Having all of the buttons on the back positioned to the right of the LCD means I can access everything I need with my right hand while shooting, further simplifying the process.  Finally, the camera’s weather resistance is nice peace of mind.

All of the above is important, but only if the final image quality is there.  In this regard the Fuji X-Pro2’s 24.3mp X-Trans III sensor and the X-Processor Pro deliver.  The autofocus is fast, the dynamic range is beautiful and the versatile in camera film simulations allow you to capture images that require little in the way of post production.

Cityscape and Landscape:

Street Photography:

Weddings and Portraiture: