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I truly love photographing weddings.  It is an honour and a privilege to be asked by a couple to document their special day.  I can still remember how fast my own wedding day went by, and having beautiful photographs to look back on is so important to me.

My style of photography would best be described as documentary, photo-journalistic, or reportage.

What does this mean?

It means that I strive to tell stories with my camera.  This is true not just in my wedding photography, but also in my street photography, travel photography and when I am working on personal projects.  I always love creating a single beautiful image, but my goal at a wedding is to create a collection of images that tells the story of your day.

I feel the best way to do this is by watching for those special (and often fleeting) moments that have strong emotions attached to them.  It could be a gaze, a tear, a laugh, a smile… but it is almost always a moment that will be remembered.  Shooting in a documentary fashion means that I won’t be lining everyone up against a barn wall with balloons, but rather that I am constantly watching, waiting, and observing so when the time presents itself I am ready to capture those special moments.

I am at my best when people forget that there are professional photographers at the wedding.  This is difficult to do during the ceremony, of course, but during the reception I try my best to blend in, be unobtrusive, and shoot.   I work with cameras that are smaller in size and use shorter lenses, which requires me to be closer to the action.  My second shooter does the same, because we want to create photographs that give the viewer a sense of “being there”.  Finally, I want to capture real moments without directing or interrupting anything that is happening.

I don’t want to direct you when you cut the cake, I will rarely pose you for a specific photograph, and I don’t want to interrupt a moment to re-arrange something on the table or move you to better light right when a magical moment is happening.  I just want you to enjoy your day, and we’ll do our best to document it so that you have beautiful photos to remember it by.

This last point is important.  Your wedding day is yours, not mine.

I already had mine.  🙂

Here are some examples of my wedding work.

Engagement Sessions:

Engagement sessions are an important step leading up to your wedding.  I like to work collaboratively with the couple in these sessions and try to bring out their true personalities.  For instance, here are a few photos from recent engagement sessions:  two are more traditional engagement photos, but the third was shot in the famous Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver which gave us the opportunity to capture something a little bit different.

Your wedding day:

Our time together on your wedding day usually starts with documenting the wedding preparation.  This is a special time of the day, spent with dear friends and family as you prepare for your wedding.  My goal is to be a fly on the wall, to observe and to document the joy and anticipation that everyone feels at this time of the day.

This, of course, is followed by the ceremony itself:

In many traditional weddings the time right after the ceremony is when people are brought together to shoot the wedding formals, but this is where documentary photographers tend to differ slightly from some of the more traditional ones.  The portraits I make at a wedding are usually spontaneous, captured when a moment presents itself.  My goal is to capture you, your family and your friends without cliche.  My goal is to make portraits that will remind you of how you felt on your wedding day.

As an example, here are a few portraits, all taken spur of the moment throughout the day when the opportunity presented itself:

Now, the reception is where the magic happens for me.  From the couple’s entrance, to the speeches and all the way to the dance floor there are so many joyful moments happening for me to capture.

Here are some examples of images I have captured at various receptions.  Watch for the emotions:  humour, tears, and genuine love:


As a visual story teller, I cannot guarantee a specific number of images as each wedding story is unique.  I can say, however, that I deliver between 300 – 400 photos to most of my clients.  This is an area where quality should always trump quantity.  I want you to have a series of images that evoke an emotional reaction when you see them.  I don’t want to add filler.

It is my goal with all weddings to provide you with a small selection of images as soon after the wedding as possible (usually 10-15 images, delivered within 24 hours) so you have something to share right away, and then deliver all the final edits within a month of the wedding.  Images are delivered as high resolution jpegs and will be sent via digital download to provide immediate access to them.


Our fee is $2250, which covers the engagement session and 8 hours of wedding coverage (usually bridal prep until about 30-60 minutes after the first dance).  This coverage is provided by two photographers, to ensure that all of your moments are captured and documented.  Additional time is available for a fee if needed.  

A non-refundable retainer of $750 is required to secure the booking.  This retainer is not payment for work provided, but confirmation that we will not book any other work on your wedding day.  We are all yours.  🙂

The remainder of the fees are due one week before the date of the wedding.


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