Travel Photography Presentation

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Travel is a wonderful thing.   It exposes you to new locations, to new people, to new cultures.   It provides opportunities to see historic landmarks and places.  Travel changes you, and you become a better person for it.  Travel is something all photographers should strive to do.

Travel photography is equally exciting.  The thought of coming home with trophy pictures that you can proudly share with family and friends is something most photographers look forward to with eager anticipation.  If you aren’t careful though, travel photography can ruin your vacation.  The gear you choose to bring can be too heavy, you can alienate your travel companions in the quest to get the perfect photograph, you can get frustrated because the light isn’t right, you don’t relax and live “in the moment”, etc.  I have travel photographs that I cherish, and I have also fallen into these traps at times.

I have learned several simple things you can do that will allow you to get photographs you are proud of, while always keeping this in mind:

“When you travel, the experience comes first!”

With the right frame of mind, the right pre-trip planning, and the right gear selections you can maximize your travel experiences AND come home with photographs you are proud of!

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In this 2 hour presentation we will discuss:

  • What are your goals?
  • Fitting travel photography into your vacation
  • How not to ruin your vacation with photography
  • Pre-trip research to ensure you get the photographs you want, including:
    • Finding the right locations
    • Finding the right time of day
    • Determining where the sun will be when you are there
    • Using the internet and simple smartphone applications to aid in your planning
  • Proper gear selection for travel photography:
    • Camera and lens selection
    • Flashes
    • Tripods
    • Bags
    • Accessories
  • Tips for photographing locations
  • Tips for photographing people:
    • The importance of photographing people when traveling
    • How to “speak the language”
    • Building confidence photographing people
    • Tips for approaching strangers
    • Using people to add “authenticity” to your travel album
  • Tips for photographing the details
  • Backing up your images while on the road
  • Basic editing tips to enhance your travel photographs
  • Question and answer

This presentation is not a “what does this button do” type of course, but a presentation on how to successfully incorporate your photography into your travels to ensure you bring home beautiful photographs!

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This presentation is available to camera clubs, schools, corporations, public libraries, non profit organizations, and any other group who has an interest in improving their travel photography.

The presentation is interactive, using a mix of lecture, discussion, question and answer, multimedia, and hands on demonstrations with various pieces of camera gear.

To learn more about the presenter CLICK HERE!

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There  is no formal cost associated with this presentation if it is held in the Vancouver area, however an honorarium to cover the presenter’s time and travel expense is always appreciated.  Most organizations provide an honorarium of $100.

Note taking is encouraged, however this presentation cannot be recorded.

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If you would like to discuss booking a presentation please fill out the form below.  Travel photography is a wonderful thing, and I would love to share my experiences with your organization!

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