The Virtual Street Photography Workshop

One of my favourite things about education in this day and age is that the barriers to accessing high quality instruction have fallen dramatically.   In my 23 years of teaching I have taught, or taken, many online programs and have come to believe that the right online experience is an excellent alternative for those times when you cannot attend a face to face workshop.

Last year several students, who could not attend one of my street photography workshops, asked if it was possible for me to deliver similar education online.  This led to the formation of an online street photography workshop that could be delivered in a flexible fashion.

The Online Street Photography Workshop Process…

The online workshop is delivered as follows:

Lesson One (approximately one hour):

  • The student prepares and presents a selection of their current work for me to review via Skype.  This review session gives me a good sense of the student’s vision and current skill level.  It also provides an opportunity to discuss the student’s specific learning needs and for us to start the goal setting process.

Lesson Two (approximately two hours):

  • I deliver, via Skype, the same educational presentation I deliver in my face to face street photography workshops.  At the end of this lesson we finalize the goal setting process and determine which shooting assignments the student will undertake over the next month or so.

Lessons Three, Four and Five (approximately one hour online each, plus student shooting time):

  • For each lesson the student will go out and shoot new work based on the assignments discussed.  Once the work is complete we will meet back up via Skype to review the new images and to discuss areas for improvement.  The student will then go back out to shoot their next assignment, incorporating this feedback.

Lesson Six (approximately one hour):

  • The final stage of the online street photography workshop is a presentation from the student that presents the best of their new work, discusses what was learned, provides time for a final Q&A and also helps goal set for any future work the student wants to create.

This process is flexible in regard to completion time, but usually takes 4-12 weeks based on the student’s schedule and the time it takes them to create the work for each assignment.


The total price for this process is $695 Canadian (approximately $520 USD depending on the exchange rate), and is payable online via credit card or Paypal invoice.


Honestly, this is a question only you can answer.  While I am a fan of online education it isn’t for everyone. This is not because the quality of education is less than the quality received in a face to face workshop, but because the student has to be intrinsically motivated to go out on their own and complete their shooting assignments.   This is something only you can answer, but I can say it is a highly effective delivery method when the student is motivated.

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