2019 Photography Workshop Schedule

I am very excited to announce new dates in 2019 for my street photography and travel photography workshops.  Next year will be my 24th year as an educator, up to and including teaching at the college level, and there are few things I love more than the process of helping a student achieve their goals.  I can’t wait to spend 2019 with you, doing what I love the most… teaching!

I am also very excited to announce that, for the first time, early bird pricing will be available on all workshops until January 31st, 2019!

Street Photography Workshops:

Street photography is an incredibly satisfying way to document the world around you, create new art and to express your vision as an artist.   Unlike portraiture or landscape photography that is often calculated and planned, street photography requires you to constantly observe, be fluid, and be ready.

What does this all mean for me?  It means that the world is a stage and that there is beauty on the streets waiting to be captured.  A good street photographer knows how to become part of the streets, how to blend in, and how to capture those rare but beautiful decisive moments that happen.  They understand that street photography is simply about capturing life.

A good street photograph tells a story.

My goal with these 2.5 day workshops is to help you find your own vision as a street photographer,  to enhance your creativity and to give you the tools to make the images you see in your head.  During the workshop you will learn about:

  • The history of street photography
  • Legalities and ethics
  • How to prepare yourself and your camera for a day on the streets
  • Considerations for crafting story-telling images
  • How to work effectively with light and shadow
  • Composition
  • Techniques for shooting candidly
  • Techniques for approaching strangers and making portraits on the street
  • Editing and post processing

Along the way you will gain confidence, have fun, make new friends and capture great images!  Throughout it all, I will be there right beside you offering advice and feedback.

Here are some of the things previous students have said about their workshop experience:

“Practical and inspirational are the two words that describe my feelings about the workshop I just completed. An evening of theory and classroom instruction. Then a day and a half of shooting to have lots of time to implement the theory and techniques. Then a half day of image review.  Small group and individual instruction. Ian keeps checking in encouraging you. I increased my confidence and now have a great set of techniques and compositional elements to work on. Workshop started and stayed on time. No wasted time. I highly recommend taking Ian’s workshops.  Thanks again for a great weekend. I hope to see you on the streets sometime.”      – Paul

“I found the course to be fantastic and totally worth the weekend!  I really enjoyed the interaction with the other students and seeing the pictures.  Their feedback was so valuable to my development as it allowed me to gain perspectives otherwise not available in the private workshop.  Thanks!”    – Jeremy

“Ian’s style of teaching is easy to understand and I found him to be accessible to me and to everybody.  I especially appreciated how he set aside time for each student, since that personal touch is what I am looking for when I take any sort of class. I liked how he “set us free” on Sunday to wander on our own and put what we’d learned to some independent use. I also was impressed at how he clearly explained some of the features of the Fuji X100T/F that I had not understood, even though I’ve had my camera for 18 months and tried to school myself on its various features. The possibilities are endless with this camera in my hands.  I knew that BEFORE this weekend, but AFTER the weekend I’m even more certain the investment was money well-spent.  What can I say??  A huge thank you, Ian.  I love your approachable and organized teaching style and look forward to meeting up with you again down the road.”      – Susie

“Truly excellent workshop. The skills I acquired over the weekend resulted in four of my favourite urban images, photos I would never have have taken prior to the workshop.”      – Doug

The following 2019 street photography workshops are available for registration (click each link for more information and to register):


ALL OF THESE WORKSHOPS SOLD OUT IN 2017 and 2018, SO DON’T HESITATE TO BOOK EARLY and capitalize on the early bird discount!

Travel Photography Workshops:

Travel is a wonderful thing. It allows us to discover new places, to meet new people, to experience new customs and, of course, to make new memories. As photographers we are exposed to so many opportunities to create art while traveling that it can often be overwhelming: What gear should I bring?  How do I plan my shots? What time should I be on location? How do I tell the story of this amazing place I am visiting? These questions, and many others, will be answered at a workshop series I teach with Spencer Wynn entitled, “The Story of a City”.

In these workshops we will visit a city together for 5 days.  During this time you will be taught by two veteran photographers and educators as we explore everything the city has to offer.  We will get up early to photograph the sun rising behind iconic landmarks.  We will shoot throughout the day, capturing street images and the important detail shots that help you tell your visual stories.  We will shoot through sunset and blue hour and, most importantly, we will enjoy the company of like minded artists as we make beautiful images.

The following 2019 travel photography workshops are now available for registration (click each link for more information and to register):

The story of a city – St. John’s edition:  May 6TH TO 10TH, 2019
The story of a city – paris edition:  june 3rd TO 7th, 2018
the story of a city – toronto edition:  july 15th TO 19TH, 2019

We would love to have you join us on one of our photo adventures!

If you have any questions about these workshops, or anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through this site (a link to the contact form is in the main menu).

I look forward to working with you in 2019!



The Streets of Toronto

I am finally home, after a whirlwind 3 months that saw me travel from Vancouver to Amsterdam to Paris to Vancouver to Toronto and finally back to Vancouver.  My time was spent teaching workshops, shooting engagement sessions, capturing weddings and attending to the assorted tasks that keep the business running smoothly.  It was an amazing and successful summer, one that I am so grateful for, but I am ecstatic to finally be home with my girls for a while.  And, finally, I can get back to writing more consistently on this blog and sharing the work that has been sitting on my hard drive for months now.

Toronto is a wonderful city for photography, with beautiful architecture and amazing people.  I was fortunate to teach two workshops while I was there: my weekend street photography course, followed immediately by a new, five day storytelling travel workshop with my friend and fellow Official Fuji X Photographer, Spencer Wynn.  

I don’t shoot a lot when I teach street photography, as I believe that if there is a photo to be made it should be one of my students taking it.  Still though, I occasionally make an image to illustrate a point or when I find a quiet moment while my students are on assignment.  In this post, I’d like to ease back into the blog with a series of new street images from this world class city, the first of four articles featuring new work from Toronto.

I left my Fujifilm X100F at home for this trip (crazy, I know) and shot everything with my X-T2.  I did stay with my preferred 23mm field of view though, using the Fujinon 23mm f/2 for all of my street work.  I also had the 16-55mm f/2.8 zoom lens with me, which saw a lot of use during the travel photography workshop (more on that to come in a future post).

I hope you enjoy these little vignettes from the streets of Toronto.  I look forward to sharing more with you soon and hope you all had a wonderful summer!




Street Photography Workshop Update & a new bonus for participants!

The last few weeks have been full of teaching opportunities:  private workshops, photo walks, classroom presentations, etc.  After 23 years, teaching it is still the number one thing I love to do and all of these recent activities have made me so excited for this year’s street photography workshops that are coming up in just a few months.  I truly find joy in working with new students and helping them discover their creative vision, so I thought I would take a break from editing a wedding, quickly update you on the workshop enrollment, and also tell you about a new collaboration that will provide my students with a bonus this year!


Each of my 20 hour street photography workshops has a maximum of 10 student spaces available.  Last year all of these workshops sold out completely, and I anticipate the same thing happening this year.  At this time, the current workshop enrolment is:

Vancouver  – June 15th to 17th:  2 spaces left

Paris – July 13th to 15th:  4 spaces left

Vancouver – August 10th to 12th:  4 spaces left

Toronto – August 17th to 19th:  3 spaces left

If you are considering one of these workshops please click on the link below for more information and to register.  I highly recommend doing this early to avoid missing out on your spot in a course!

Vancouver Street Photography Workshops

Paris Street Photography Workshop

Toronto Street Photography Workshop

New Bonus for Workshop Participants!

Photography has given me so much:  an artistic outlet, a form of expression, a sense of joy and satisfaction, the means to support my family, etc.  On top of this, it continues to bless me with new relationships.  Some of these are business related, some are people who inspire me and some are simply friends.  The common theme is that I value each and every one of these relationships.

Recently, I collaborated with my friends at Hyperion Camera Straps and I am happy to say that we will be providing each of my workshops students with one of their amazing straps… at no charge to the student!  These straps are handmade, can be customized in regard to length and colour, and are so very durable.  I am a hug fan of this company’s professionalism and of their products, use several of these straps myself and I’m so excited to be able to give one of these to all of my students this year.

If you aren’t familiar with Hyperion Camera Straps be sure to check out their page here:


I think you’ll be impressed!

A Few Final Thoughts…

It is a gift to not only discover what you love, what feeds your soul, but to also get to do it full time.  I am very lucky in that regard and look forward to another round of workshops where I can share my love of street photography and education with like minded artists.  These workshops are a lot of fun and I always end up learning something new alongside my students.

If you have any questions about these workshops please don’t hesitate to ask.  For those who are already registered, and for those who will be soon, I look forward to working with you this year!

Until next time,