Toronto Street Photography Part Two – Rain

I have just returned home from a ten day trip to Europe, where I taught a street photography workshop and spent some time on personal photography.  I have a lot to share from that trip but, for now,  here is a quick post with a few more images from my Toronto trip this past summer.

Part one of this series:

Toronto Street Photography Part One – Sunshine

… featured images taken while the sun was shining.  Toronto is famous for it’s summer storms, however, and we also had a few hours of torrential rain while I was there.  During the storm I managed to get out to shoot for an hour or two and had an absolute blast sloshing around the soaking wet streets.  I highly recommend shooting in the rain, it is a lot of fun!

These images were captured with a Fuji X-Pro2 and the Fujinon 50mm f/2 lens (with one or two exceptions).  All of the black and white images in this series were shot in the Acros+R film simulation and the colour images are a mix of Classic Chrome and Velvia.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to sharing a lot of work from Europe over the next few months!



Toronto Street Photography Part One – Sunshine

In July I spent a week in Toronto on business:  a 3 day street photography workshop, a photowalk with my friends at Fujifilm Canada, meetings, and a day of private instruction with a student.  It was a whirlwind trip, to say the least.

When I teach, I rarely take photos as I am of the belief that my students should be the ones creating the images unless I am demonstrating something specific.  Experiential learning is so important to a student’s development, and every photo that I don’t take is one that I can help a student create instead.  Still, I did manage to grab an occasional frame during the week, mostly during walks between meetings, after each workshop day, or during quick meal breaks.  That last part is so important: never forget to carve out a few minutes here and there with a camera in your hands doing what you love.

Now that the summer rush is over I finally have time to get to these images.  This blog post will feature a few photographs taken during the sunny summer weather you’d expect in Toronto.  Don’t think of them as a series though, they really are just small snippets of life observed as I walked around the city.  We also had a few hours of torrential rain, however, and part two of this series will feature a few photos from that.

All of these images were taken with either the Fujifilm X100F or the X-Pro2 (usually with the 50mm f/2 lens).  All processing was done using either the Classic Chrome film simulation (colour images) or Acros+R (black and white images).

Talk soon!


The Wall

Photography can be a fickle thing at times:  some projects involve countless hours of planning, execution, blood and sweat, while others seem to materialize out of nowhere and come together quickly.

I was recently in Toronto for a week of work that included a 3 day street photography workshop, a photo walk with my friends at Fujifilm Canada, a day of private education with a student and a few other meetings with some of my peers.  It was a busy week, productive and incredibly fun.  On my first night in the city I walked past a brightly lit wall on one of the busier city streets.   I love shooting silhouettes, so of course I had to stop and shoot for a few minutes.

Walls like this offer so many photographic opportunities:  slower shutter speeds (in this case anything below 1/125th) will catch the entire wall when it is lit, but when you speed up your shutter speed you will catch some lights on and some off as they cycle.  The magical thing about this is how random it is… you never really know when you are going to catch the lights on or off.   Add in the variety of people walking past and the rapidly changing weather that week and it became so much fun to shoot at this spot.  Each night I would spend 10 or 20 minutes at the wall, coming back to my hotel room with some frames that didn’t work and a few that I liked.  Post production on images like this is very quick, usually just a black and white conversation, possibly a crop and adjusting the contrast as required.

While this series came together quickly it is worth noting that it only happened because I found a good location while out wandering, and then I was willing to invest the time to go back to it repeatedly to make photos.  Never forget that photography is an active process, you need to be out there!

I hope you enjoy this short series.  Until next time,