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I’ll put it right out there:   I LOVE education.  For 26 years it has been a consistent theme in my life and I have taught over 20,000 students in the emergency medical and photography fields.  To develop my abilities as an educator I have completed multiple diplomas and certificates in adult education, coaching, and leadership.  I very much consider myself a life long learner as I continue to take courses to get better at my craft and teaching.

Today’s technologies have allowed for different types of education to occur.  Although classroom experiences are still very valuable, being able to Skype someone half way around the world to gain from their expertise is just as beneficial. This is where I see significant value in developing a mentorship relationship with a photographer who fits your vision, and who can help you achieve goals specific to the work you want to create.  This is a very personal thing, and it is important to find the right person to help you walk your own path.


The Mentorship Process…

The mentorship process is driven by the needs of the student.  Some people only request a one off portfolio review or help with a technical issue on their Fujifilm cameras, whereas others are seeking a longer mentorship to develop their skills and vision over time.

For the ongoing mentorships:

  • The process usually starts with a short Skype session (20-30 minutes) to discuss your needs, formulate a lesson plan around those needs, and then provide education as required.
  • The student then goes out and shoots, creating work related to the lesson, and submits 5-10 images for me to review prior to our second Skype session.
  • A second Skype session (approximately 20-30 minutes) is held where we will review the work, reinforce what worked well, and provide further recommendations for improvement.



Each lesson (as described above) is priced at $75 Canadian (approximately $55USD depending on the exchange rate), and is payable online via credit card or Paypal invoice.

What photo genres do I offer instruction in?

My work is primarily focused on travel and street photography, so these are the areas I am best suited to offer mentorship in.

Some examples of lesson subject matter might include:

Shooting candid street photos:


Making portraits of strangers on the streets:


Shooting cityscapes and night photography:


Photographing long exposures:


Creating photo essays and storytelling through shooting detail shots:


And of course, specific education in using the Fujifilm X Series cameras:


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If you would like to work together to improve your photography skills please complete the form below.  I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your photograph goals!