Private street photography workshops


Do you have a new found interest in shooting the genre of street photography?  Are you a current street photographer looking to add new skills to your existing repertoire?   If so, please consider a hands on private or small group workshop!

Street photography is an incredibly satisfying way to document the world around you, to create new art, and to express your vision of the world.   Unlike portraiture or landscape photography that is often calculated and planned, street photography requires you to constantly observe, to be fluid, and to be ready.

What does this mean for me?  That the world is a stage, and that there is beauty on the streets waiting to be captured.  A good street photographer knows how to become part of those streets, how to blend in, and how to capture those rare but beautiful decisive moments that happen.  A good street photographer understands that street photography is about people, not camera settings.  It is about moments, not perfect exposures.  A good street photograph tells a story, and this hands on workshop is designed to help you find and tell your own stories through the medium of street photography.


About the workshop:

This workshop is perfect for novice to intermediate photographers, or advanced photographers who are new to the genre of street photography.

The workshop will start with a sit down session where we will discuss the following topics in an informal setting, using a presentation on an iPad for examples where needed:

  • What is street photography?
  • The legalities of street photography
  • Preparing yourself for a day of shooting
  • Selecting and preparing your gear for a day of shooting
  • Composition – What really matters in a street photograph?
  • Tips for taking candid street photographs
  • Tips for making street portraits
  • Suggestions for composing street photographs
  • Question and answer

Once we have covered these basics we will hit the streets and begin shooting.  This is very much a hands on workshop;  as a 20 year educator with post secondary qualifications in adult education, I value the experiential learning model so you will be shooting a lot during this session.

Once the shooting is done we will find a nice coffee shop to sit back down to talk a little about post production of your images.  I will import several images onto the iPad where we can edit them in real time and discuss different ways of making your images more impactful.


Workshop length and cost:

  • For private one on one training in Vancouver the cost is $360, and the course is 6 hours long:
    • Approximately 1 hour long intro presentation
    • 3 hours of hands on guided shooting
    • 1 hour for the student to shoot solo and work with the newly learned principles
    • 1 hour post production / wrap up discussion

Additional participants, if you would like to book a workshop and cost share with a friend, are $120 per person.  The maximum size for these workshops is 3 participants, to allow for sufficient educational opportunities.

Note:  This private workshop is also available in cities that I travel to.  The cost for the private workshop remains the same, with the addition of my accommodation expenses to cover the additional stay in your city.


If you or a small group would like to book a private street photography workshop please contact me via the form below.

I look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,