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Hello!  My name is Ian MacDonald.  I am an Official Fujifilm X  Photographer and educator living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

It took me a long time to write this part of my website.  The reality is that I, like many artists, struggle to talk about myself.  As a photographer, I would rather put the spotlight on the subject of my photograph than on myself.  After all, that is really what matters.  Like many artists I have been on a journey over the last few years that is ever evolving, but one that I can confidently say has given me more joy and purpose in my life than anything else other than my family and friends.


I shoot prolifically, and over the last few years I have purposely avoided pigeonholing myself into any one genre of photography.   I love shooting street photography and travel photography for my personal work and for my teaching, as well as portraiture, weddings, fitness, and dance for my client driven work.

I have come to realize through this constant shooting that I don’t just love portraiture… or street photography… or weddings.

What I really love are people.


When I think about this statement it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me.   My formal education is in adult education and pre-hospital emergency medicine.  For two decades a large part of my professional life (before photography) was spent working as a paramedic and as an EMS educator.  My career was one of taking care of the ill and injured, caring for people when they are suffering, and teaching and supporting others through their journey in EMS.  When you think about it though my work wasn’t about ambulances, IV catheters, defibrillators, splints, hard collars or stretchers…. it was about people.  The 15,000 people I cared for as a paramedic.  The 20,000 people I have taught over the years.

The camera has now become my primary tool to meet new people and to go to new places.  It has become my way of connecting,  collaborating, sharing, and serving.


In addition to working with people, photography, whether shooting professionally or simply for myself, provides me with the opportunity to feed my soul and to recharge.

Sometimes it is a solitary thing, like watching the sun rise over Paris in the photo at the top of this page, or watching an amazing sunset turn into a beautiful evening sky in San Francisco:


Sometimes it is wandering the streets of a city doing my absolute favourite thing as an artist:  Shooting street photography in places like Paris:


Or San Francisco:


Or Seattle:


But then there are those times where I shoot a wedding, or work with an amazingly talented dancer or artist, and collaborate to capture something special:



Throughout the last few years a constant has been the theme of collaborating with people and building relationships through the art of photography.  It gives me joy in a way I haven’t experienced otherwise and provides me with a glimpse of what I need to be doing with my life as I move forward.

A humbling side effect of this journey through photography has been the success of this website and my social media accounts.  I receive daily comments or emails from people around the world who have found me through my portfolio, my teaching or through my work with Fujifilm Canada.  I love these relationships, many of which lead to new opportunities and collaborations.


I am in love with every minute of this journey as a professional photographer.  If you would ever like to discuss a collaboration or project I would love to hear from you.




16 thoughts on “Ian MacDonald Photography

    • Ian says:

      Many thanks Mark, I appreciate the kind words! Focus on the “T” was a step up for sure, and the X-Pro2 is almost DLSR level. Mirrorless is getting there for sure.

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi Ian. Thanks for your thoughts above. I asked a friend a while back to help me sort out my life and he said, “Don’t disregard the relationship factor”, saying relationships were a strong point for me (among the many weak ones I was seeing).

    Here you wrote, “…building relationships through the art of photography…gives me joy in a way I haven’t experienced otherwise, and provides me with a glimpse of what I need to be doing with my life as I move forward.” Thank you.

    My photography “life quote” is from Barney Britton: “..the pleasure of getting a really nice shot of someone that I know, which says something about them is one of the best thrills in photography.” I’m guessing you see things the same.

    Now I have 2 quotes to hang on to : ) I hope to someday have coffee with Barney in Seattle and you in Vancouver just to say thanks in person.

    For now, thanks again for sharing your time and thoughts.

    – Jeremy

    ps – We recently moved to Wenatchee from North of Seattle / Camano Island area.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Jeremy!

      Thanks for popping by and commenting. I love Seattle and travel down there often. Such a great city.

  2. Judy R says:

    I have been following Ian’s blog and Instagram feed for a while and have become a great fan of his work and, equally, his comments about the images he chooses to share. I have been feeling ‘stuck’ for a while, so contacted him about spending a day shooting and learning with him; we arranged a 1 – 1 workshop earlier this week. Ian took almost no time to figure out where I was comfortable in terms of street photography, and where I could benefit from instruction and practice. The time flew by as I listened and worked on techniques that were new to me; his patience allowed me to blunder along for quite some time before actually ‘getting’ it. I emerged from the workshop feeling energized and challenged – I’m excited once again to be out there on the streets. Whether you live in Vancouver, or are coming for a visit, attending a workshop with Ian is certain to enhance your photographic experience. Thanks so much, Ian!

  3. Eliza says:

    Love you to make the trip to Venice Beach Cali -I’d happily pay for the workshop! …discovering my FujiXT1 …@loveVeniceBeach @spotsofjoy

  4. Jake says:

    Great shots. Enjoyed your blog in Fujilove too. Which 23 mm do you use typically. I see a lot of your shots are at 23 mm.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Jake!

      My most used camera, by far, is the Fujifilm X100F.

      When I am traveling with an interchangeable lens camera I use the 23mm f/2.

      When I shoot weddings I used the 23mm f/1.4.

      I kind of love that focal length. 🙂



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