Emergence | Looking Forward | Celebration

63 days.  That’s how long it has been since I’ve eaten in a restaurant, visited a friend, had a haircut, worked for a client, boarded a plane, gone to a movie, or sat and wrote in my favourite coffee shop.  

… just 63 days.

The world has changed a lot in that time frame though, hasn’t it?  We’ve been fortunate here in British Columbia, with a combination of strong leadership / good citizenship / and luck helping us avoid much of the tragedy that COVID-19 has brought to other parts of the world. 

During the early days of the lockdown I decided to relax and allow myself the space to just “be”.  It has been a strangely peaceful time, focused on family and artistic endeavours, but also one that has been largely recuperative physically, mentally, and creatively.  I have watched from afar, as an artist but also as a veteran health care worker, while heroic efforts were made by frontline workers, while armchair quarterbacks diminished those efforts through their cynicism, and while humanity showed its endless capacity for compassion and caring.  I have watched artists produce amazing new bodies of work, musicians play from their balconies to boost the morale of the people around them, and everyone come together nightly to show thanks for those who still work on the frontlines.  This is a time for the history books… that is for sure.

And now I find myself thinking about what life will look like moving forward.  What will I return to and continue doing?  What will I chose not to bring back into my life?  What am I the most excited about?  How can I best serve my family / friends / clients?

The world has changed, but I can’t help but feel optimistic that this pause is also an opportunity to shape our lives just a little bit… to give thought to what we want and to what we need to do moving forward.  They say that every cloud has a silver lining…. perhaps that is also the case here.

Photography never completely goes away though, right?  During the COVID-19 lockdown many of my Official Fujifilm X Photographer peers, myself included, produced videos for the Fujifilm community.  My video focused on how I approach shooting on the street, both philosophically and compositionally.  You can view the video on YouTube by clicking the image above.

Fujifilm Canada and I also continued our working relationship with the 2020 renewal of my status as an Official Fujifilm X Photographer.  Collaborating with this incredible company changed my life, both personally and professionally, so I am excited to continue supporting them and the artists who use their cameras.   

In closing:  I hope that you and your families are all doing well, and that we see each other out there very soon.  In celebration of my 2020 renewal, but also just in celebration of “life”, I’d like to end this post with a selection of my Fujifilm images.  This selection is varied, including some street photography, portraits, wedding photos, and cityscapes / landscapes that I have made with the Fujifilm X series over the years.  Some of these images go all the way back to the original Fujifilm FinePix X100!

Be safe everyone.  Talk soon.



4 thoughts on “Emergence | Looking Forward | Celebration

  1. Mike Waller says:

    Thoughtful commentary on our situation with your usual sensitivity. Glad you are no longer on the front lines. A wonderful set of images. Time to get my relatively new XPro 3 Out of the garden and back on the street. Keep up the great work.

  2. Susie Naye says:

    Hi Ian, I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and always appreciate your kind outlook on life. I will take a look at the short video you put together when I finish writing this comment, but I have to mention the feeling of trepidation I got when I saw that happy wedding couple seated on the suspension bridge. Quite an original shot! I am curious about the process you went through to set that up and frankly, how easy was it for HER especially, to then stand up? She wasn’t exactly dressed in hiking gear! So funny! I’ve taken a break from the usual street photography photo shoots, as most of us have, but have found other areas to be creative with my camera and iPhone. I don’t want to get rusty. At first, I was reluctant to walk about with my camera when I went out for my Solo Walks, feeling as if it seemed too frivolous in view of all the misery going on in the world. I would just grab images from time to time with my iPhone and then move them into Lightroom to tweak them. Now, though, I have taken my Fuji xt30 and been able to capture a few images that I’ve been proud of, albeit not exactly the same type I was doing before the pandemic. Two weeks ago, I wandered my neighborhood here in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, wanting to record so many of the artists’ COVID murals that went up on closed storefronts, restaurants and bars. The streets are still rather barren, so it wasn’t hard to maintain my social distancing. I know that once the world moves towards normalcy, these works of art will disappear, so I thought it worthwhile to wander around and try and get creative photos, while at the same time respecting the original work of the artist. I will send you what I ended up with through your personal email, Ian. So…I am happy to see you blog again and I’m glad that you have surfaced in seemingly good or ever BETTER condition. Take care!

    • Ian says:

      Hey Susie!

      How are you?

      The bride you mentioned is quite the adventurous gal… there really isn’t anything she couldn’t do. 🙂

      I look forward to seeing your Capitol Hill images.



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