Tuesday | Day Two

I woke up tired, realizing as I turned off my alarm that I missed a FaceTime call from my daughter… a frustrating way to start the day.  The weather forecast called for:

“Thunderstorms, some severe.  Storms can bring downpours, large hail, damaging winds and a tornado”.

A tornado?  In Paris?  This could be interesting…

The rain held off until the end of the day, allowing us to explore and photograph the two islands in the Seine:  Île de la Cité  and Île Saint-Louis.  It was a day on the streets, a reminder that the heart of Paris doesn’t just beat in the churches or the towers, in the museums or the palaces.  The heart of Paris beats on its streets, in the lives of its citizens, and this is what we set out to capture on this day.

Simple scenes.  Snippets of daily life.  The heartbeat of a city.

Click here to view part SIX of this series

4 thoughts on “Tuesday | Day Two

  1. Susie Naye says:

    Hi Ian…Beautiful Paris photos. The one of the violinist really struck me with the rich B&W tone and sharpness. Did you use Acros, and if so, which filter–or was it STANDARD? Which camera did you use? Your trusty X100F? You probably don’t remember, but I used to have the X100T, but I recently purchased the new X-T30. A small learning curve as far as options and handling, but I’m getting where I like it as much as the other little one.

    Suffice it to say, I absolutely LOVED this shot of the musician and want to emulate it sometime. I love how you love Paris! (Me, too.) It really kind of IS a street photographer’s paradise.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Susie!

      I had the X-T3 with me for this trip, so this was probably taken with the 23mm f/2. All of my black and whites are Acros+R. I do spend a little bit of time in LR working on the exposure (usually adjusting the whites and blacks).

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