Monday | Day One

We start the workshop at 11am, running through a presentation on storytelling travel photography while sitting in a shady part of Luxembourg Gardens.  I’ve been restless all morning leading up to this point, filled with excitement, because I get to spend the week doing what I love more than anything else… I get to teach.

It is overcast when we start, with a light sprinkling of rain that comes and goes.  We use the grey skies to emphasis the importance of finding interesting subjects and moments when you don’t have great light to work with.  Our explorations take us through the park, to a cafe for lunch, and then on to visit a church.  Our journey then takes us through the streets of Paris, down to and across the Seine.  

The clouds parted as we arrived at the Louvre and we were bathed in warm sunshine, providing the opportunity to focus on incorporating interesting light into our photographs.  The evening ended with a wonderful sunset / blue hour shoot at the Louvre, capping off an 11 hour day spent behind the lens.  

There are times when you fight the camera all day long, where you can’t make an interesting photograph to save your life.  Other days however, days like this one, gift you with interesting images around every corner.  These are the times I live for as a photographer and it was wonderful to share them with my students.

Here is a set of of images from the day.  I hope you enjoy them.



Click here to view part five of this series

7 thoughts on “Monday | Day One

    • Ian says:

      She was part of a group of friends that were already leaping and taking photos of each other on their phones. We offered to make some on our cameras and send them to her.



  1. Susie Naye says:

    Hey Ian….if these were your Day One photographs, I am eager to see what all you accomplish for the REST of your teaching “gig” in Paris. Bravo, Monsieur! Just beautiful and interesting and creative shots. Let me see…I guess my two favorites would be your B&W of the silhouette in front of the pyramid at the Louvre…and then those reflective silver sphere balls at the Palais Royale. I especially commend you for that second shot, as I have walked by those silver spheres so many times, trying to think of a creative way to shoot them. You figured it out! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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