A Photographic Return to San Francisco

I start every year with a trip to San Francisco, a city that I have written about many times in the past.  It is a place I go to re-charge, to visit friends, to get inspired and, of course, to make new images.

Just before my last trip there I happened upon the following quote:

“I walk,

I look,

I see,

I stop,

I photograph.”

– Leon Levinstein

This perfectly sums up how I feel about San Francisco now.  I never make detailed plans when I am in the city, choosing instead to wander randomly for hours at a time.  I may shoot street photography for a few hours, grab a meal, then hop a bus somewhere to spend my evening making a new blue hour cityscape.  On other days I sit by the water and write for a while, then spend the afternoon focusing on making portraits.  There are also many days where I just put the camera away and live in the moment.  It is an instinctual, mindful, wonderful way to approach photography.  I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.  And, I always come home inspired to tackle the year ahead of me.

Here is an eclectic mix of new images from the city by the bay.  Everything here was taken with a Fujifilm X-T3 and the 23mm f/2 lens.  It’s all I need.

Best wishes,


15 thoughts on “A Photographic Return to San Francisco

  1. uniquefotoart says:

    Really beautiful set of images Ian. Lighting is to die for!
    I agree with your sentiment. Sometimes it’s good to let your “muse” wander as it wills.
    Look forward to more great images soon.

  2. Jeff Bell says:

    Great collection of images. Looks like you caught some great light there. I really like that 2nd photo – the silhouettes, reflections and composition are all very interesting.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Paul!

      Any of the street images are Classic Chrome. For landscapes and cityscapes I typically just use Provia.



      • Paul says:

        Thanks for the info. Did you raise saturation and vibrance in your CC photos? Some of the coloured ones are popping! Does CC look good for night street photography? What you suggest? Thanks

  3. Stuart de Jong says:

    In number 10, the car has just slid into frame. The man walking on the sidewalk gets called over. A friendly reminder that there are still some gambling debts outstanding. Or something like that. My favourite, anyway!

  4. Chroma says:

    Wonderful! San Francisco may be my favorite city to photograph, there’s always something to shoot. The colors on the green building image are really lovely.

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