Finding Creativity – A Different Kind of Photo Presentation

A few months ago I wrote the following blog post:

Photography Saved Me

…in which I described my journey with PTSD and how photography helped heal me.  I was originally motivate to write this article after speaking with a fellow photographer, someone who was struggling at the time, to let them know that they weren’t alone and that we all have things we are dealing with.

I was amazed by the response to the article.  No, that’s not enough… I was overwhelmed by the response.  I received a large number of emails and private messages from fellow photographers who thanked me for sharing my journey, because it made them feel a little bit better about their own.  Many of these people originally found me through my photography or through the Fujifilm community, but told me that they also follow my work because it helps keep them focused as people and as artists.

…what do you say to that?

I’m definitely not the only person that has healed themselves through photography, and I am motivated to find new ways to explore / discuss this topic.  I also want to share how my photography changed as I healed, something I didn’t expect but am very grateful for.  So, recently, I created a new 90 minute presentation called:

Finding Creativity – What PTSD taught me about photography

You can read more about the presentation through the link above but, in short, it is a talk about the lessons I learned as I healed from my PTSD and how those same lessons also shaped my photography.  It is a presentation about my journey, filled with photographs and anecdotes, that I think will be of value to others.

If this conversation is something that would be of benefit to a group or organization you know please tell them about it.  My goals, as always, are simply to help people, to inspire people, and to see more people finding joy through the lens.  

This new presentation is just the beginning, too.  Watch for details on a new book on this very subject coming out soon!

Best wishes,


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