Discussing Creativity, Inspiration and Motivation on the FujiLove Podcast

I am the guest on this month’s FujiLove podcast, speaking with fellow Official Fuji X Photographer Jens Krauer about the cover story I wrote for last month’s FujiLove magazine.  That article, entitled “Make Time for Creativity”, talked about finding inspiration, motivation and about the importance of always making art a priority in our lives.  Jens and I greatly expanded on these concepts during our chat and I think it’s a conversation that you will really enjoy.

You can find the podcast here:


I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love it if you left your thoughts in the comments section below!



6 thoughts on “Discussing Creativity, Inspiration and Motivation on the FujiLove Podcast

  1. Magnus Hedemark says:

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Ian. A few years ago, I was that guy that was going out every day on his lunch break, taking photos of my city and the people in it. Every. Day. Rain or snow or shine. Somewhere along the way, I picked up other priorities. And my creative flow shows it! Putting creative activities in the calendar is a great idea.

  2. marcmoreels says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast today, Ian. It has given me some additional incentive to create more and enjoy my photography more. Your words are very inspiring. Many thanks.

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