Vignettes of Amsterdam – Part One

For the last few years I have made an annual trip to Amsterdam; sometimes for pleasure, sometimes to teach.  Amsterdam  is a wonderful city to visit, full of amazing landmarks, museums, architecture and history.  It is the Dutch people, however, that I truly love.  As a Canadian, my country and the Netherlands have a special history together and I instantly feel at home as soon as I get off the train.

This past September I was in Amsterdam to teach a workshop and to spend a few days exploring the city with my camera.  On past trips, I have photographed the quintessential Amsterdam landmarks so this time I just wanted to capture life on the streets, those little vignettes you see when you slow down and observe what is happening around you.  As always, Amsterdam did not disappoint.

Most of the photographs in this essay were taken with the Fuji X100F, a few with the Fuji X-Pro2 and the 50mm f/2 lens.  All images used the Acros film simulation, with small adjustments in Lightroom.

I hope you enjoy this peek into life on the streets of Amsterdam.  Part two in this series, coming next week, will feature new  colour work from the same trip.

Until then!


13 thoughts on “Vignettes of Amsterdam – Part One

  1. Joshua Simmons says:

    These are gorgeous images. Specifically numbers 1, 3 & 5! I’d love to walk around Amsterdam with you one day, my friend.

    • Ian says:

      We totally need to connect Joshua, wherever that happens to be. I mean, your wife is almost Canadian anyway, right? 🙂



  2. rickgarvia says:

    Beautiful images. I have an X-T20 with 23 mm that I use for street photography, but I need to get an X100F. I had a Canon G16 and loved the pocket-ability of it.

  3. Susie Naye says:

    I always love seeing your images, Ian. I think my favorite this time is the one of the two “femmes d’un certain age”, sharing tea together. I am curious if the night shot of the “ALI” Cafe was taken handheld and also, if you know it, what were your settings? Did you take it with X100F? I need to practice my nightshots!

    • Ian says:

      Hey Susie!

      All of the images were handheld. The Cafe photo was taken at f/2.8 at 1/60th at ISO 1250. I would usually use a faster shutter speed for street, but everything in the scene was pretty static so I slowed it a bit to keep my ISO down.

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