96 Hours in Paris – Part Two

“That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me.”

– Marion Cotillard

It is hard to put into words why I love this city so much.  Paris is many things;  beautiful at times, dirty at others, but always… always… Paris is inspiring.

I think it must be an aggregate of the simple things:  in a city full of historic landmarks, it is the artists who paint the Seine by day and the people that drink wine by the river at night that inspire me.  It is the endless life on the café patios and the boulevards, the boats on the river, the birds that fly overhead and the children that play in the parks.  Walking the streets and alleyways of Paris you pass a bride getting photos done one block, then see a homeless person urinating on a wall the next.  Somehow, this all manages to blend together into a beautiful cacophony of life that screams to be photographed.

Paris is a story that is never finished, and every day in the city is an opportunity to write a new chapter…


Note:   All photos taken with the Fuji X100F, or the Fuji X-Pro2 with the 14mm f/2.8 and the 50mm f/2 lens, using the Acros film simulation.

19 thoughts on “96 Hours in Paris – Part Two

  1. Susie Naye says:

    Ian…I love looking at your photos from Paris, which just HAPPENS to be MY favorite city, as well. I think the photo opportunities there are so vast and everywhere you look, it’s either an historical architectural detail, a couple in love, a certain light, etc., that catches one’s eye. In this series of shots, I especially like the one of the woman doing the splits in the Palais Royale, seen between the Colonnes de Buren, I believe they’re called. You found “the moment”, I must say! I also appreciate the shot in the Métro, going up the staircase with those simply beautiful polished, white tiles. Thanks!

    • Ian says:

      Good morning Susie!

      How are you?

      Many thanks for those kind words, I really appreciate it. I am actually setting up a workshop in Paris for next year as we speak. 🙂



      • Morgan says:

        Hello, Hope you enjoyed your stay in Paris !
        The weather was not the best in the last couple of days. Is that why you opted for B&W ?

        I really need to do 3 things next year:
        – Workshop with Matthew Hart
        – Workshop with You
        – Visit Iceland !

        You can read my message with a strong french accent if you miss Paris. 🙂

      • Ian says:

        Hello there!

        Many thanks for your kind words. I’ve been to Paris many times, and the truth is I see it in black and white. The city is timeless for me and it just works for the way I shoot.



        P.s. I will be teaching in Paris July, 2018!

  2. Jeremy Williams says:

    Hi Ian. At first glance these didn’t stand out to me like the first set. “Hey, there’s a dog..”. But then I slowed down and wow they do. I hadn’t seen the “art” of it : )

    – Multiple textures of clouds (and sun)
    – the boys feet and that he is dragging a stick or walking a dog
    – the city perfectly framed under the bridge
    – up side down wine glass in the background
    – the man’s reading a map!
    and many more.

    I wonder how showing the cello bow in movement might have changed the image, or if you had some feet walking up or down the curved stairs could adding emotion. Hard to pick a favorite (or favourite) but would probably go with the puddle as I’ve stared at it the longest and there is still some mystery.

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