Toronto Street Photography Part One – Sunshine

In July I spent a week in Toronto on business:  a 3 day street photography workshop, a photowalk with my friends at Fujifilm Canada, meetings, and a day of private instruction with a student.  It was a whirlwind trip, to say the least.

When I teach, I rarely take photos as I am of the belief that my students should be the ones creating the images unless I am demonstrating something specific.  Experiential learning is so important to a student’s development, and every photo that I don’t take is one that I can help a student create instead.  Still, I did manage to grab an occasional frame during the week, mostly during walks between meetings, after each workshop day, or during quick meal breaks.  That last part is so important: never forget to carve out a few minutes here and there with a camera in your hands doing what you love.

Now that the summer rush is over I finally have time to get to these images.  This blog post will feature a few photographs taken during the sunny summer weather you’d expect in Toronto.  Don’t think of them as a series though, they really are just small snippets of life observed as I walked around the city.  We also had a few hours of torrential rain, however, and part two of this series will feature a few photos from that.

All of these images were taken with either the Fujifilm X100F or the X-Pro2 (usually with the 50mm f/2 lens).  All processing was done using either the Classic Chrome film simulation (colour images) or Acros+R (black and white images).

Talk soon!


8 thoughts on “Toronto Street Photography Part One – Sunshine

  1. Susie Naye says:

    Hey Ian…I especially liked the one of the woman in the lacy straw hat….Great light and angle, not to mention the determined expression on her face.

    • Ian says:

      Good evening Craig,

      Many thanks for your kind words. I love TO and will be back for a street photography workshop, plus one other event still in the planning stages, in 2018. I can’t wait!



  2. Chris says:

    Hello Ian. Just did a search on Toronto street photography and wound up here. Really like the images with a sliver of light. Funny thing I ended up here. Just yesterday I listened to an old podcast where you were hosting for Valerie,interviewing Rinzi. I’m excited to visit TO again in a few days ! Great opportunities,and a huge difference from the small city (Syracuse,NY) I live in.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Chris!

      Toronto is an amazing city to shoot in. I run a 3 day street workshop there every year and it is always one of the highlights of the year.



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