On being an Official Fujifilm X Photographer

I have a new blog post written that I was planning on sharing today but then one of my peers, Official Fufjilm X Photographer Kevin Mullins, dropped a new article that I just had to share instead.  I’ll get to my new one in a few days.

Over the last few years I have come to marvel at the work produced by so many artists in the Fujifilm community.  I enjoy the conversations I have daily with people from all over the world, the emails I get that are full of questions or comments of support, the messages I receive through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the new friendships I have made and of course the clients I book through the community whose support I can never repay.  When I am stumped on something, I know that there is an answer right around the corner too.  With the rare negative exception, as Kevin mentions in his article, it is a wonderful community to be a part of (yes, I have also had emails like the one Kevin starts his article with).

Weekly, if not occasionally daily, I get a question that is a variation of “How do I become an Official Fujifilm X Photographer?” or “What is it like to be an Official Fujifilm X Photographer?”

First off, full disclosure:  It is awesome, but not because of any financial relationship or business relationship.  It is awesome because the people I work with at Fujifilm Canada are top notch professionals, because Fujifilm as a company cares about the people who use their equipment and because it helps me support the community as a whole.   Barring being gifted an X100F for being part of the initial testing team, or occasionally being reimbursed because a photo was used in an advertisement or for work I did as a speaker, it is not about money.  It is about representing a brand that inspires me and about being in a position to encourage and support others to make art that they love.  Simply put:  I want to create art, share my work and help and encourage others to do the same.  To be able to collaborate with a company that shares these values is something I am proud to be a part of.

It all sounds really positive, doesn’t it?  Well, for me it 100% is.  There are people out there who have a gift for espousing negativity or cynicism but I’m not that guy.  I value the opportunities that have come my way through hard work, and to have the opportunity to give back to the community too?  That is all win as far as I am concerned.

If you are somebody that is interested in what it is like to be an Official Fujifilm X Photographer I highly recommend reading Kevin’s excellent article where he lays it all out.  There is no arguing that he has put in thousands of hours for free, all in an effort to support a brand that brings him joy.  Here is the link:




6 thoughts on “On being an Official Fujifilm X Photographer

  1. Butters Chang says:

    I had read Kevin’s new post yesterday, there are so many people in the world, and there ARE some cynical bunch, haters, jerks. Comparing to the inspiring and positive guys like you X-photographers, they really are nothing but whiners.

    Been a fans of both of you and Jonas, I feel lucky

  2. nancymatheson@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for the link, Ian. I confess that I have been curious, if not as cynical as some seem to be, about the how, what, why of the Official Fuji X status. Eye opening, and always fun to see the work of another creative.

    • Ian says:

      Thanks for taking the time to post Nancy. I agree, it is always enjoyable to peak behind the curtain and see the life of another creative.

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