20 new Fuji X100F street images (and a quick word of encouragement)

I am blessed to be an educator for many reasons, not the least of which are the amazing conversations I have had with my students over the last 20 years.  Recently, one student told me that they were struggling because they didn’t feel inspired to go out and shoot.  To phrase it exactly like the student did:

“I have been waiting and waiting for inspiration to strike.”

This immediately reminded me of two quotes.  The first is from Chuck Close and the second is from Pablo Picasso:

“Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

There is a lot of truth in these quotes.  Indeed, it is a commonly taught concept in psychology that motivation does not come first, action does.  What does this mean?  It is the belief that action will lead to a sense of accomplishment and through that sense of accomplishment motivation will follow.

Hopefully the tie in here to photography is obvious:  Sometimes there are times when the logistics of photography act as a barrier to going out and shooting.  We have chores to do, emails to respond to, income tax that hasn’t been filed, kids to take to dance classes, etc.  Just the thought of organizing our gear and driving an hour to get somewhere to shoot can seem overwhelming…. even more so when we don’t feel “inspired”.

The thing is though, once you are out in the field shooting you almost always remember why you love it, why you do it and why there is nothing better than holding a camera in your hand.  It’s a little like going to the gym:  you may hate doing it, but you always feel better after (until the next day, anyway).

I honestly believe Zack Arias summed up the best course of action when he said:

“Get off your ass!”

I can say with absolutely certainty that once I push through that initial inertia and find myself on the streets exploring, wandering and shooting, I remember exactly why I love this art form so much.

Here are twenty new Fuji X100F street images taken in either Vancouver or Seattle, all captured because I prioritized action first and went out with my camera.  The colour images are in Fuji’s Classic Chrome film simulation, while the black and white ones use the Acros film simulation.

So, I encouraged my student to push through that inertia we all experience from time to time, to grab his camera and to go out and shoot.  I never regret it when I do!

Until next time,


11 thoughts on “20 new Fuji X100F street images (and a quick word of encouragement)

  1. PeteT says:

    When I don’t feel inspired to shoot, I go out anyway and, sometimes I come away with a great shot (or a few) and other times the images I come away with spur me on to get back out and try the same shot from a different angle, in different light, with a different camera setting….sometimes I’m making images and sometimes the act of taking the picture is the lesson in itself!
    Thank you for your writing about the feelings behind the technique of making great images!

    • Ian says:

      Good afternoon Pete!

      Many thanks for your comment. I 100% agree with what you said. We “take” or “make” photographs. It is a verb, and the key is to be out there doing it.



  2. Shirley Schweizer says:

    Ian, I’m in the same rut of lack of inspiration. So since the weather is getting better on the East Coast of U.S., I am going to push myself to get out there. Thanks for your insight. Your photos were excellent and also inspire me to follow your advice.

    • Ian says:

      Hey Shirley!

      The East Coast has had quite the crazy winter, hasn’t it? Enjoy your time out there, I’m sure it will be worth it.



  3. Jimmy Knuckles (@FStopClick37) says:

    I really like your Street Photography aesthetic using the Fuji Classic Chrome simulation in Vancouver. The lighting, tonality, and color is quite reminiscent of the work of Fred Herzog done in Vancouver in the 1950s – 60s. Whenever I am trying to achieve a classic chrome – or vintage Kodachrome look using Lightroom, I love looking at Fred’s work for not only its color, but for their compositions as well.

    Nice Work!

    For those who have never seen Fred Herzog’s photography, you will be rewarded by seeing a great online selection from Equinix Gallery Vancouver:


    • Ian says:

      Hey Jimmy!

      Many thanks for your kind words. Fred is of course a legend, even more so because he still shoots here in Vancouver where I live to this day (in his mid eighties). His colour work is brilliant, and a constant source of inspiration.



  4. yuri rasin says:

    Totally agree with the post Ian. The “Get off you ass” advice works magic! Hey, if your mind is open you don’t even need to get out sometimes. All you need is light and shadow.
    Nice shots, interesting characters. Love the Fuji colours and your use of light.

    • Ian says:

      You are totally right about being able to shoot all around you…. the key is to just put in the time and let the rest come. Make it a habit, which will always bring new opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

      And yes, Fuji colours are so awesome!



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