Vancouver Street Photography Workshop


There is nothing better than the moment in your professional life where two passions merge together.  For me, those two passions are street photography and education.

Everyone who reads this blog, or follows me on Instagram, knows how much I enjoy street photography.   I love the process of shooting on the street, I love the people I meet, I love the resulting images, and I love how it always makes me a better photographer and artist.

I also love teaching, which I have done for twenty years up to and including at the college level.  Multiple diplomas in Adult Education and Curriculum Design, plus thousands of hours in the classroom, have provided me with so many incredible moments and memories.

I spent much of last year studying the photography education landscape, speaking with highly respected peers who provide photography education and taking the time to develop a street photography workshop that will allow me to share my experience, both as a photographer and as an educator, with my students.  I am excited to now be rolling these workshops out in several different cities over 2017, starting with two workshops in Vancouver on the following dates:

  • June 2-4, 2017
  • August 11-13, 2017

My goal with these 2.5 day / 20 hour workshops is to help you find your own vision as a street photographer.  I don’t want to teach you to make images like I make them (no instructor should want that), but instead want to give you the tools to make the images you see in your own head.  During the workshop you will learn about the history of street photography, a bit about the legalities surrounding the art form, how to prepare yourself and your camera for a day on the streets, considerations for crafting story-telling images, techniques for shooting candidly, techniques for approaching strangers and making portraits on the street and a bit about editing and post processing.  Along the way you will gain confidence, have fun, make new friends and capture great images.  Through it all, I will be there right beside you offering advice and feedback.  These courses are going to be a lot of fun!

As a long time educator I believe that education should be as accessible as possible, so I have taken every effort to keep the price of these workshops affordable.   I can also afford to price my Vancouver workshops lower than other cities as I don’t incur travel costs here, allowing me to set the price for these workshops at $450 Canadian per student (about $340 USD).

I would love to work with you in one of these workshops.   If you are interested in learning more about them, or registering in one of the course offerings, please click the link below to visit the Vancouver Street Photography Workshop page for more details:

Vancouver Street Photography Workshop

There are only ten seats open per class, so please book fast if you are interested.

Best wishes,


10 thoughts on “Vancouver Street Photography Workshop

  1. Jerry says:

    Hi Ian, Could you send me lodging information? Specifically, where do you and the participants meet for discussions? I may want to attend one of your workshops and would be driving up from Denver. Thanks. Jerry Fleetwood

    On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Ian MacDonald Photography wrote:

    > Ian posted: ” There is nothing better than the moment in your professional > life where two loves merge together. For me, those two loves are street > photography and education. Everyone who reads this blog, or follows me on > Instagram, knows how much I love street ” >

    • David Wiliams says:

      Jerry, I live in Fort Collins and interested in street photography workshops as well. Any info in this part of US for learning more about street photography?

      • Ian says:

        Good evening David!

        I don’t know about people offering face to face workshops in Fort Collins, but you are welcome to join one of my Vancouver street photography workshops here. The exchange rate definitely works in your favour right now. 🙂

        I can also suggest doing a series of lessons with me over Skype. I have clients from all over the world that learn with me this way and it can be a lot of fun and quite effective.

        Best wishes,


  2. Jerry says:

    Forgot to also ask you, do you have your workshop schedules set for other cities? Wondering if you might be doing one closer to Colorado? I still would like hotel info on Vancouver as well. Thank you.

    • dlqdprn says:

      I’ve done the drive from Colorado Springs to Seattle then up. That is a pretty spectacular drive … especially if the weather is bad 🙂 so, you might also think about an opportunity along the route.

  3. Nancy Matheson says:

    Hi Ian,

    Shared on both our Facebook and Twitter sites. And, we’ll let everyone know at the meeting on Tuesday.

    Cheers … Nancy

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