San Francisco Chinatown Street Photography In Classic Chrome – Part Two


Note:  Part one of this series can be viewed HERE.

I’ve had some random thoughts about photography on my mind for a while now, but they never really came together in my head in a way that allowed me to write about them until today.  The truth is that it was the responses to my latest blog post, part one of new street work from San Francisco’s Chinatown, that made things click in my mind.  I’d like to write about them quickly before I share this photo essay if that’s ok…

Photography is often a solo endeavour for me.  Most of the time, actually.  I usually travel by myself to build my travel portfolio and generate new work for my upcoming book series.  I shoot street photography by myself because I am always moving through the city, watching and reacting.  I write on my own, though my brilliant wife serves as editor in chief.  I don’t work with assistants on weddings or portrait sessions.  Barring the workshops I lead or the presentations I conduct, I am almost always on my own when it comes to photography.

Having said that, the photography world is also full of communities, and I don’t think I’ve ever been part of communities I enjoy more than those surrounding the Fuji X series and the genre of street photography.  This really hit home for me when I published part one of this series on this site, and shared some of the thoughts and images on my Instagram and Twitter feeds.  This series is no different than any of my other work, but over the last week I have had amazing discussions with people from all over the world about the Fuji X series, techniques for shooting street photography, questions about San Francisco, requests for workshops, etc.  These conversations seem to happen on a regular basis now and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.  I am proud to represent Fujifilm as an Official Fuji X Photographer and to participate in the opportunities that this role provides me.  I love that I have the opportunity to interact with artists that I have an amazing amount of respect for.  As a long time educator, I enjoy having conversations with new photographers too, whose passion and excitement is infectious at times.  It is all good.

I am launching a new series of workshops in 2017 that will be expanding to various cities around the world, and I cannot wait to actually meet many of the people, face to face, that I have become friends with through social media, our online Skype mentoring sessions, and other avenues.   Exciting times ahead for sure.

Until then though, here is another series of new street work from San Francisco’s Chinatown.  As with the first series, all of the photos below were shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and a 35mm f/2 lens.  All images are in Fuji’s Classic Chrome film simulation, which works perfectly with the gorgeous light and shadow I had during this trip.

Finally, please keep up the conversations via email, comments here, on Twitter or on Instagram.  Interacting with other artists is such a great thing.  And now, let’s look at some photos!













I have more from this recent trip to San Francisco to share soon, but next up I’d like to share some stories from my most recent trip to Amsterdam.

Until then,


15 thoughts on “San Francisco Chinatown Street Photography In Classic Chrome – Part Two

  1. Jerry Fleetwood says:

    Ian, I always look forward to seeing/reading about your latest projects. Terrific Classic Chrome captures! Will you be posting your 2017 workshop schedule? Thanks.


    • Ian says:

      Many thanks Jerry!

      I will be. My workshop schedule won’t be starting until the Spring, so I will be posting dates early in the new year. Thanks for asking!



  2. Neil Geller says:

    These photos look great Ian. I took a workshop recently with Valerie Jardin and she led us through Chinatown. I have shot there before with little success until Valerie’s workshop. With the workshop and your photos I now have some inspiration to spend a little more time checking it out. I have been using the 23mm f/2 on my XPro2 and I agree with you, it is most definitely a Classic Chrome kinda place.

  3. ramingolrokh says:

    Great work Ian!!
    I don’t shoot in Classic Chrome much myself but I must say it’s a really good fit for this series. Also, I gotta agree with Jerry that it’s always a pleasure reading your blog and seeing your work.

    Best Regards!
    /Ramin from Stockholm, Sweden

  4. sinaibnu says:

    Hi Ian, love your works. I wanna ask something. How do you set your camera, especially classic chrome sims such color, shadow, highlights etc. ? Thanks for answering 🙏

    • Ian says:


      I usually shoot RAW and edit in post, but when I do shoot jpg in camera I typically boost the shadows and highlights for a little more contrast.



  5. JH says:

    What were the setting you used in classic chrome? The color looks gorgeous . I have been experiencing withclassic chrome on x-t1, but color comes out a bit washed out

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