Amsterdam Street Photography


People are the heart of a city.  All too often when photographers travel they only point their cameras at the cityscapes, at the museums, at the scenic vistas.  I do the same of course, but at the core of my photography is a deep love of shooting on the street.  It provides me with the opportunity to observe life, to meet new people, and to learn about different cultures.

This post is part two of a three part series from my recent trip to Amsterdam:

During my week in Amsterdam I rose early a couple of times to shoot sunrise images, and stayed out late every night to shoot through the blue hour.  In between though I was always on the streets:  Wandering, observing, interacting, and shooting.  In part one of this series we spoke a lot about the city of Amsterdam, so for this post I’d just like to show you a selection of street images from the week.  All of these images were shot with the remarkable Fuji X100t.   I hope you like them, and that they give you a feel for the people in that wonderful city.

A quick note:  I have been told that WordPress compression has been affecting the image quality for some people.  If that happens for you please click each image to view it larger.













Some of my fondest memories from this trip are making these photos.  When you travel I highly recommend dedicating some time to wandering the streets.  Put on a pair of headphones, listen to your favourite music or podcast, grab a camera, and purposely get lost in a city.  Don’t have an agenda, don’t worry about the time, just take the day as it comes… it is so much better than rushing from one landmark to the next.

In the third part of this series I will be sharing a series of images taken in Amsterdam at night.   To say that Amsterdam comes alive at night would be an understatement, and we had an amazing time photographing this beautiful city late into the evening.

Until then,


10 thoughts on “Amsterdam Street Photography

  1. Aji says:

    Great picture bro
    I am just starting photography and Am using fujifilm camera. Can you share tips n trick how to create a great picture as yours. Thanks in advanced

    • Ian says:

      Hey there!

      That is such a wide open question, and difficult to answer without knowing your current skill level, what you like to shoot, etc. 🙂

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