It’s 2016 – Let’s Do This!


Happy New Year!

As we enter 2016 I can’t help but feel thankful for 2015.  I travelled extensively and had new experiences, I made photographs I am immensely proud of, I built new relationships, and I learned a lot about myself throughout the process.

Now it is 2016, and I have been giving a lot of thought to what I want to accomplish this year.  A quote that keeps coming to mind is one I read once in an article on composition:

“Photography is the art of exclusion”

When composing, this tells us that we need to remove and remove until we are left with just the essence of a photograph.

I think there is a parallel to life in this quote.  As I thought about my photographic goals for 2016 I also gave equal thought to what I need to let go of that isn’t moving me towards those goals.   This is a difficult, but necessary step.  With that said, here is what I have on deck for 2016:

Travel Photography:

I will be taking several trips in 2016, including two trips to Europe and a road trip through the Pacific Northwest here in North America.  My Fuji cameras continue to be my passport to the world, and the vehicle by which I tell stories about the experiences I have while traveling.  These are the stories and photo essays I share on this blog, and I can’t wait to bring new experiences to you.

Street Photography:

Street photography continues to be the genre of photography I am driven to shoot the most.  The more I shoot street the more I realize just how much there is to learn, but when I capture that fleeting decisive moment I love it.  It truly is the greatest feeling.

Wedding Photography:

I don’t shoot weddings often, but in 2015 I had the opportunity to photograph weddings in a  reportage or candid fashion.  I loved it.   On the surface there would appear to be a vast gap between street and wedding photography, but the truth is that the candid wedding photographer approaches a wedding in much the same way a street photographer works.  It is all about telling a story through beautiful candid images, and I hope to photograph more weddings in in 2016.

Personal projects:

When you shoot professionally it is all too easy to fall into the trap of shooting only to serve other people’s needs.  We are artists, and it is important to remember that we need to create our own art.  I love photographing dance, I have certain models I love collaborating with, and I will be shooting several projects in 2016 for no reason other than I see images in my mind that I want to make.

Teaching and Sharing:

You will notice a new menu item at the top of this page, entitled “Workshops”.  Many of you know that I have been an educator for 20 years in the EMS field, and that in late 2015 I started presenting in the photography field.  I have now formalized two presentations:  One on travel photography, and one on street photography:

Here is a link to my Travel Photography Workshop

Here is a link to my Street Photography Workshop

The Interview Series:

Next week I will be launching a new interview series on this website, featuring photographers whose work inspires me.  All too often I see people in this industry stepping on each other to get ahead, and I honestly don’t understand it.  We are all artists.  The vast majority of us like to create our art in isolation, but  we all grow as a collective when we share and collaborate once that art is made.  I look forward to sharing conversations with some amazing photographers in the year to come.


Real Prints.  The kind that go on walls in galleries and homes.  I spent way too much time last year looking at images on a computer screen.   That changes this year.

I get requests often from people who would like to purchase a print of one of my photographs.  I need to decide what the best mechanism is to make my photos available for print.

I also have a personal goal of having a gallery showing during 2016.  It’s ok if my mom is the only one that comes, it is just for me.  Honest.

In Summary:

I’m excited for the opportunities and challenges that 2016 will bring.

I am also extremely grateful for the people who viewed this website 150,000 times in 2015, for the thousands of you I engage with on social media, and for the real life friendships and clients I have made through photography this year.  I look forward to more of the same!

I’d love to hear about your photography related goals for 2016.  If you are up for it, please let me know in the comments section below.



5 thoughts on “It’s 2016 – Let’s Do This!

  1. Glenn says:

    Good for you Ian. My goal of a gallery opening started with a Coffee shop in December of this year. It was fun to sit in the shop and tell people about my work. Thanks to my wife Gail, we have 2 openings this year at Village Gallery in Sidney. One in January Feb and the other September October. The process was as easy as asking, and then it got difficult. I submitted many 10s of images to come up with 8 medium and large prints that the curator felt her customers would like and purchase. Some of the rejected images, she suggested be entered in an adjudicated show and others later in the year because they fit a seasonal buying pattern. I’ll be on the wall with some big players and find the whole thing very humbling. Good luck on your show, just keep knocking on doors. Another thing I learned was to use Phonebook .com to make a catalogue of this years top images. When I took the book to the gallery there was high praise and many suggestions for which galleries on the Island I should be looking at. My catalogue is 80 pages 17×11 lay flat with a wrapped cover. and very heavy pages. The initial cost was about $200 but they are always having sales.

  2. thefujifreak says:

    Sounds like a thrilling and adventuresome 2016, Ian! Lots to look forward to…

    In 2016 I hope to expand my long-term projects “Dark Matter” and “ARTitechture”, improve my follower count and pick up more likes; 15 per image is the current aim – we’ll see. Hoping to travel to Vienna, Lisbon and possibly Canada for some serious landscape and travel work.

    Good luck in 2016 – regards,


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