Waikiki Street Photography

DSCF5738(Fuji X-T1 with the Fujinon 55-200mm lens)

Note:  All images can be clicked to view larger! 

I recently spent time vacationing in Hawaii, staying predominantly in the Waikiki area. Waikiki is a beautiful beachfront area of Honolulu, located on the south shore of O’ahu, Hawaii.  Originally a retreat for Hawaiian royalty, it is now defined by its sandy beaches, restaurants, numerous hotels, and of course, tourists!

Mornings in Waikiki always start off peacefully:

DSCF5650(Fuji X-T1 with the Fujinon 10-24mm lens)

…but in no time the beaches and streets come alive.  It usually starts with the surfers and fisherman:

DSCF5737(Fuji X-T1 with the Fujinon 55-200mm lens)

People who frequently travel to Hawaii seem to have a love / hate relationship with Waikiki.  For some it is not the “real” Hawaii.  Waikiki is a melting pot of differing cultures and people.  Locals and tourists from all over the world pack the streets and beaches, and many people prefer the quieter islands to the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.

For a street photographer, however, it is an amazing place to shoot!  I only had one afternoon to focus on street photography on this last trip, but I managed to spend a few hours with my Fuji X100T just focusing on the people of Waikiki.  I mean, really, where else will you see a parade of hat people walking by in swimwear?


People usually travel to Hawaii with family, with friends, with loved ones.  You often see the love on people’s faces:



On the other hand, long vacation days can test even the strongest relationships.  🙂



In the same way that uniforms tend to make all people equal, beachwear and other vacation clothing does the same.  I often see people like these and think:   Who are they in “real” life?




Like many places though, the locals are quite often the biggest characters of all:





And then, of course, there are the things you see where you just aren’t sure:



For all the effort I put into learning the craft of formal portraiture and landscape photography, the truth is that it is street photography that feeds my soul.  I love people, and wandering the streets of a city by myself for a few hours allows me to observe and interact with people I would otherwise never meet.  The camera becomes a passport to the world, and we should all take advantage of that.

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