Waterfalls, Clouds, Fog and Long Exposures

Each image can be clicked to view large!
DSCF1081(Fuji X100s)

Life has been busy of late and I haven’t had a lot of time to get out and shoot.  Vancouver has been experiencing an amazingly warm and dry winter, however, which has provided me the opportunity to get out briefly here and there as time allows.

The picture above was taken at a local lake early one morning.  It was overcast, with light rain sprinkling down.  While I was shooting the fog rolled in, and the combination of rain, clouds, fog, and early morning still water created amazing photographic opportunities.  Here are two more from that morning:

DSCF1084(Fuji X100s)

DSCF1069(Fuji X100s)

I had a chance to return to the same lake at another time.  There was no fog, but using a 10 stop neutral density filter I was able to recreate the calm waters with a long timed exposure:

DSCF1045(Fuji X100s with B&W 110 10 stop ND filter)

There is a large wildlife preserve near my house, and one day shortly after a fairly epic rainfall the clouds were AMAZING:

DSCF5189(Fuji X100t)

DSCF1190(Fuji X100t)

As the sun came out through the clouds they started to burn off, so I used the time for another long exposure:

DSCF1196(Fuji X100s with B&W 110 10 stop ND filter)

Finally for this post, I managed to capitalize on a free hour last week and shoot some of the local waterfalls:

DSCF4039(Fuji X100t)

DSCF1252(Fuji X100t)

Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to get out and do the things you love to do as often as you’d like to.  As a photographer that is why I think it’s important to have a small “take anywhere” camera with me that allows me to capitalize on available time when I can (I recall stories of my grandfather keeping a fishing pole in the trunk of his car for exactly the same reason).  The Fuji X100s (which I’ve since upgraded to the X100t) and a small travel tripod are easy to bring with me when I am running errands, and shooting for 15-30 minutes here and there is still better than not shooting at all!

5 thoughts on “Waterfalls, Clouds, Fog and Long Exposures

  1. Jane says:

    Your pics look wonderful! May I know what are your settings for shooting running water with Long exposures? To get that fluid effect? Thank you!

    • Ian says:

      Hello Jane!

      When shooting running water a basic approach would be:

      1) Camera mounted on a tripod.

      2) Lowest ISO for highest quality photo.

      3) Aperture in the f/11 – f/22 range, which will create a slow shutter speed to blur the water.

      4) Trip the shutter with the timer or a remote to avoid camera shake.

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