Victoria BC street photography with the Fuji X100s

Hey all!

I recently spent a few days in Victoria, BC with the family and had the opportunity to wander the streets on several occasions with the Fuji X100s to shoot some street photography.  I found the people of Victoria overwhelmingly friendly… open to great discussion and allowing me to shoot a portrait of them.  It was no surprise to find out that Conde Nast Traveler rated Victoria as the third friendliest city in the world this year:–Victoria–BC–Canada_10

My weapon of choice for these sessions was of course the amazing Fuji X100s.

Let’s start with this gentleman:

(click images to view at high quality)


We were literally in town for about 30 minutes, and were walking into Chinatown.  This gentleman told me he owns a local noodle house, and was outside having a smoke.  As soon as we made eye contact he smiled, said hello, and asked where we were from.  Awesome!  After a brief chat he posed for several images, laughing and smiling the whole time.  An excellent ambassador for his city.

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Shooting, shooting and more shooting!

Warning:  This post has a LOT of photos!

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Good afternoon everyone!

How are you?

They say if you throw enough mud at the wall that something has to stick.  I have been taking that approach this summer, shooting as much as possible.  Portraits, creatives, street photography, landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets, and trips to the zoo.   I’ve been shooting obsessively for two reasons:  To continually learn my craft, and to learn my way around new camera gear.

Photography is my creative love, but more often than not lately I found myself thinking about being a photographer much more than I have actually been a photographer.   Life gets crazy sometimes and my photography had been pushed to the side a bit by the day to day hustle and bustle.  This summer I made a firm decision to change that.

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Seeking subjects for new portrait series: People and their passions


I am surrounded by people who are brilliant and passionate, like my amazing friend Nash pictured above.   We all are really, and most of us have something that makes us feel good, feel challenged, and feel fulfilled.

Like this young lady, who took her love for dancing to a career performing on cruise ships, and now in shows in London:


I’m starting a new portrait series that will run over the next few months.  My goal is to make 20 (or so) amazing portraits of people doing what they love.

Maybe you love dancing.  Maybe  your grandfather loves fly fishing and would like a portrait of that.  Maybe you know an athlete, or somebody who loves to hunt.  Maybe you are a woodworker, a musician, a writer, or a chef.  Maybe your son or daughter skateboards like nobody’s business.

Whoever it is, I want to make an amazing portrait of them doing what it is they love, and all participants will receive a free high resolution copy of the portrait suitable for printing.

So, if you know anybody you think may like a portrait done please let me know.  I’m not looking for models, I’m looking for people from all walks of life doing what it is they love to do.  Like this guy:


Any interested people can contact me through this website.  Thanks in advance for any involvement you may have in this ongoing project.