Sisters Together!

DSCF2414-1(click to view higher resolution image)

I spent last night on the beach in Vancouver shooting two fabulous young ladies.  It was a great shoot, full of energy and laughs.

This was shot natural light, shooting directly into the sunset at English Bay in Vancouver.  Shooting into a bright light source can be tricky… a little bit of lens flare can add to a photo, but flare can also dramatically reduce contrast and detail in the image that is recorded in the camera.   Some people love lens flare, others don’t.  It really is a “season to taste” kind of thing.

I think it works here, adding to the crazy fun energy these two brought to the shoot.  I cannot describe the amount of laughing we did during this shoot!

Camera Speak:  Image recorded on A Fuji X-T1 with the Fuji 18-55mm lens.

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