Subject, Background, Lighting

I was at the PNE the other day with my family.  As always, I had my little Fuji X100s hanging by my side in case I saw anybody or anything that captured my interest.

You would think that the PNE would be an easy place to shoot street photography, given the number of people surrounding you at all times.  The problem is finding something different, something that stands out.

Zack Arias, Kevin, Mullins, Bert Stephani, David Hobby… all of my photography “idols” talk about an amazing photograph needing three things:

  • Subject
  • Lighting
  • Background

Kevin Mullins, an amazing documentary style wedding photography, also talks about the fact that an amazing photograph needs to capture “the moment”.

The problem at a place like the PNE is not being able to find a great subject… you are surrounding by great subjects.  It is finding a great subject, against a clean background, standing in the right light.  When I saw this gentleman standing there posed perfectly, lit perfectly, against a clean background…. let’s just say I may have almost knocked a few small children over to get this picture. 🙂

The Fuji X100s also helped make this photograph possible.  It is small, discreet, and always with me.  It helped me capture a photograph of this distinguished looking gentleman which, together with a bag of those little donuts, made for a successful day at the fair!

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