The people of Vancouver

Note:  To view images without the WordPress compression click each image to view larger.

I spent another day in Vancouver today wandering the streets with my Fuji X100s.   The weather was beautiful, I had no agenda, just out meeting people, making portraits, and capturing moments.

I said to my wife when I left the house this morning that I wanted to capture something that had strong colours in it… for some reason I had the colour red in mind:


Alright, cross that one off the list.  Thank you sir!

The Vancouver Art Gallery area is always full of interesting people, and you can spend a lot of time there just meeting people and sharing stories.  This gentleman was quite the character:

Click to view high quality version.



Can I count that last image as a self portrait?

Street photography is a lot like going fishing for me…. you head out for the day, but don’t really know what is going to happen once you are out there.   When you see the great moment though you need to be prepared to grab it.  The beautiful thing about using the Fuji X100s on a black rapid sling is that it is small, discreet, and hangs down by my hip when I’m not shooting…. in other words, it is all but invisible.  It doesn’t draw attention and makes it easier to document the world around me.

Click to view high quality version.


A common theme today seemed to be Juxtaposition.  Several times I found an interesting backdrop or signage with wording, then all of a sudden somebody would enter the scene that totally contradicted the backdrop:

Click to view high quality version.


I’m not even sure what is going on here:

Click to view high quality version.


And, finally, how damn cute is this dog?

Click to view high quality version.



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