Don’t wait, get out and shoot!


I often find myself thinking “I need to get out and photograph something”.  I also, more often than not, find reasons why I can’t do it that day.  Some legitimate (work, etc), many pure laziness.

This photo is from an absolutely stunning person named Tatyana whom I met through a mutual friend.  We had been discussing a shoot for a while,  and on the day we were to head out and shoot it was dark, overcast, cold, and very windy.  We were shooting some images of her doing yoga on the beach, as well as a few creatives.  It would have been very easy to reschedule the day given the weather conditions (it had been sunny leading up to the shoot), but we decided to head out anyway.

The image above was shot in Stanley Park.  It is pretty basic photography wise… the background is underexposed by a stop and Tatyana is lit by one light in a 28″ soft box to camera left.

For me what totally makes this image are two things:

  • The crazy wind, which knocked over my soft box twice.  That flair in her dress, and the way the fabric is blowing around, is just awesome.
  • The dark, moody sky.

I honestly think this image would have been boring with a clear blue sky and no wind.  The poor weather that almost kept me home that morning was the very thing that helped me get an image I love.

Just get out there… you never know what you’ll get and it is a far better way to spend the day then having regrets.