Don’t wait, get out and shoot!


I often find myself thinking “I need to get out and photograph something”.  I also, more often than not, find reasons why I can’t do it that day.  Some legitimate (work, etc), many pure laziness.

This photo is from an absolutely stunning person named Tatyana whom I met through a mutual friend.  We had been discussing a shoot for a while,  and on the day we were to head out and shoot it was dark, overcast, cold, and very windy.  We were shooting some images of her doing yoga on the beach, as well as a few creatives.  It would have been very easy to reschedule the day given the weather conditions (it had been sunny leading up to the shoot), but we decided to head out anyway.

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A few street photographs from Disneyland

I recently spent time in Disneyland with my family.  In years gone by I would take an entire backpack full of SLR camera gear.  This year I took one camera:  The Fuji X100s.  While most of my time was spent photographing my daughter and family I did manage to grab the occasional street image.

Camera Speak:  When I shoot portraiture I shot all manual, specifically creating the exposure I want in my image.  When I shoot street photography, however, I tend to let the camera drive more.  My basic settings for using the Fuji X100s for street photography are to leave the camera in aperture priority, usually around f/8 depending on lighting.  I set the auto ISO to have a minimum shutter speed of 1/60th or 1/125th, and to range up to ISO 3200 if need be to get that shutter speed.  Finally, I ride the exposure compensation dial as needed when the lighting changes.

As always, WordPress kills the image quality in these thumbnails.  Please click to view better quality images!


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My Fuji X100s can see in the dark

Most of my photography friends know about my love affair with the Fuji X100s.  This little rangerfinder, which has an SLR sized sensor and a fixed 35mm lens, has completely changed my photography and liberated me from carrying around a backpack full of equipment.

I go to Disneyland every year, and one of my family’s favourite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean. If you haven’t been on this ride before you are in a boat moving through the dark, with brief pirate scenes passing you by as you progress through the ride.  If you have ridden this ride before you know that it is basically pitch black in there and not suitable to photography.

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