iPhone saves the day


(Click on image to view large)

I have always dabbled with martial arts as time allows, and often do photography for various dojos and gyms.

I was at my friend Don’s gym last week and we had discussed a shoot he wanted done.  Of all things that could go wrong that day I pulled the biggest bone headed move of all…. I forgot my camera!

Skeptically I agreed to shoot the image with my iPhone.  I figured I could work on it in Lightroom and Photoshop and hey… it would probably just be used in low resolution on Don’s website.  The image (above left) was shot in a tiny, poorly lit room with Don and his student standing on a couch.  Clearly not ideal circumstances.  I edited the image and sent it to him (the middle image), and carried on.

I was surprised to see it blown up about 4′ tall, and now placed on the outside windows of one of his gyms.  The crazy ass thing is that the quality from this iPhone image, which was only sent to him at 72ppi, was fabulous printed at 4′ tall.

Today’s technology…. damn.