Sometimes it all just clicks…

s-1Last week I found myself with a random day off in the middle of the week, and with a weather forecast that called for a rare sunny November day.   I gave a call to a new friend I had been discussing a shoot with for quite some time, and by a twist of fate she was available to shoot!

So, with no plan other than to pack some different outfits, grab a variety of camera gear, and head to a part of town neither of us had shot in before we headed out.

I honestly think this first shot really sums up how the day went.  I haven’t laughed that much or that hard on a shoot in a long time.   We travelled around for 2 or 3 hours… sometimes by foot, sometimes driving, and we stopped when we found a background that we liked.


I think a huge trait successful portrait photographers possess is the ability to quickly build rapport with their subjects, set them at ease, and make them forget about the camera.   I always want to improve on this.  Some shoots feel like work, and on some shoots things just click instantly and it feels like the thousandth time my subject and I have worked together.  This is absolutely how it felt during this shoot.


Fort Langley, where we shot, is a little heritage town.  The original fort was built in 1827 by the Hudson’s Bay Company under order of Sir George Simpson.   The fort that stands there now is a National Heritage Site.  You can read more about it HERE.

Fort Langley is full of colours, full of  backgrounds, and full of life.  Everywhere you turn there is a new background to shoot against.  Doors, walls, windows, skylines, parks, streets, churches, groves, etc.

s-4My subject for the day is an aspiring actress, currently active in school,  building her portfolio, and working in the industry.

Her education and experience clearly showed on this day.   It was brilliantly sunny, but very cold.  She trooped through it and never once showed signs of discomfort.

As mentioned in the title of this post… sometimes things just click.  We got some great images from this impromptu and unplanned shoot, and we are already planning our next shoot together.

If you haven’t gotten out and shot in a while I totally recommend you do.  It is a far better way of spending the day than most things, and you never know what the day will bring.  Just do it.  Get out and shoot!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it all just clicks…

  1. frugalphotography - Rick says:

    Great read Ian. I think you touch on something when you wrote about the success of a portrait photographer is posing. Professional models do make it easier if they have been in front of a professional before. They know the posing guide better than most. I find this the most challenging in working with people. They want that natural un-posed look and you know the best ones are the posed that look natural. Kind of a paradox?

    • Ian says:

      A huge paradox.

      I find when I am watching instructional videos from my “idols” (i.e. Zack Arias) that more and more I am not watching the technical anymore… I am watching their interaction with the subject.

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