Documenting Life and Hope

places-5This photograph was taken at the National Aids Memorial Grove in San Francisco.

The Memorial is located in Golden Gate Park, but is a little bit hidden in a quiet forested area.  The original idea for the grove was conceived in 1988, by a group who envisioned a serene place where people would come to remember.  Main construction on the site began in 1991.

In 1996 the President and the US Congress approved the National AIDS Memorial Grove Act, providing the grove the same status as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Mount Rushmore, and the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

At the heart of the grove is the Circle of Friends, documenting those whose lives have been touched by AIDS, those who donated to the grove, those who have died, and those who loved them.

Visiting the grove is a  solemn, yet peaceful, experience.  On this occasion there were flowers left in the centre of the circle, and the couple you see in the picture.  I almost felt like I was intruding, but it also felt right to take this photo.  The scene seemed to say we miss you to those who are gone, that we are there for those who are sick but still with us, and the whole memorial speaks of hope for those living with the disease.

Camera Speak:  D80, shot in Aperture Priority most likely.

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