Lighting in Layers

portraits-14This photo was taken on my first shoot with one of the most amazing models and make up artists I know, the lovely Jenine!

We were shooting in an old abandoned prison, using this dark decayed hallway as a set.  I loved the way her white dress contrasted against the dark hallway, and thought it would add an interesting element to light part of the hallway behind her  and create alternating layers of light and darkness.

Camera Speak:  Probably shot with a Nikon d80, with one hotshoe flash shooting through an umbrella camera left to light Jenine, and another on a stand hidden behind Jenine shooting backward into the hallway.  Lights triggered by pocket wizards.

Sometimes people just pose themselves (Fuji X100s street photograph)

street-1The more I do street photography the more I am learning to constantly view the world around me for interest subject matter.

I was in Vancouver yesterday with the family and caught these two out of the corner of my eye.   This couldn’t have been posed any better if I tried.  I “charged the field” as Joe McNally likes to say, trying to capture this moment before it was gone.

Camera Speak:  When I am out and about street shooting I leave my fuji in Aperture Priority mode, usually f/8 (light permitting) for the depth of field, and let the camera decide the ISO and shutter speed.   This photo was captured at f/8 at ISO 200 at 1/170th.

Magic light with the Fuji X100s

places-23There is a brief moment in time that occurs during sunrise and sunset that photographers call “magic light”.  It comes quickly, then is gone.

This photograph was taken minutes after a beautiful sunset in Birch Bay, Washington.  Birch Bay is immediately south of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  To the human eye it was all but dark out, but the camera sensor can see a lot if you give it a little bit of time.

Camera Speak:  This photo was shot handheld with my Fuji x100s, f/8 at 1/15th at ISO 1000.    I adore this camera.  Small, lightweight, an amazing 23mm lens (35mm equivalent), and most importantly an APS-C sensor in a rangefinder body.  The ability to confidently handhold 1/15th of a second to capture this image is awesome, and with this sensor’s high ISO performance I feel comfortable going right up to ISO 3200.